Standard Web Package

We create minimal website to present your brand in a beautiful modern Multi page design

What is Standard Website

its a website that is considered the standard on the web which consist of landing page (home page) contact us page and 3 more pages describing the product and the brand.

What is included in the Standard Web package

  • beautiful modern multi page design (5 page or more)
  • written in one language of your choice
  • free static Gallery if needed :dynamic for 30$
  • created with plane html and css No CMS used (will be faster and lighter than most websites that are created with cms)
  • very fast flat file with no database
  • we will give you a Fully Documented project source code when finished
  • SEO ready website so that your website get higher ranking in all search engins
  • made with HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/ minimal backend (PHP or if needed for backend or any function needing backend
  • Price 250 $
  • editing capability we will give you an admin panel so you can change any text or image on the page without any technical knowledge for $ 20
  • Adding pages for 5$
  • Adding other language 50$ by qualified translators
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How to choose

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